2K Primer Filler Upol

2K Primer Filler Upol


Is a high solid 2007 VOC compliant two component acrylic coating, which can be used as multi-role coating:
1. High Build Primer Filler for spot repair. (use at 4:1)- 4 Part Primer :1 Part Hardener
2. Primer Surfacer for large areas. (use at 4:1:1+10% 2K thinner) )- 4 Part Primer :1 Part Hardener : 10% 2K thinner
3. A Non Sand (we on wet) sealer. (use at 4:1+20 2K thinner) )- 4 Part Primer :1 Part Hardener : 20% 2K thinner
4. Tintable with up to 10% acrylic mixing base
S2025 Offers excellent opacity and hiding power.
S2025 Has excellent film build and surface levelling properties.
S2025 Can be air dried, low baked or I.R. cured.
S2025 Is easy to sand and gives perfect gloss holdout

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